Why You Need An Accident Lawyer Before You Sign Any Insurance Documents

Getting into an accident can be terrifying even if all parties are fully insured. You may have been injured during the accident and aren’t sure how to pay for your medical bills. Even if the other person’s insurance contacts you with a settlement, it’s hard to tell if you’re receiving the full help you need and deserve. We’re an accident lawyer serving Philadelphia who can answer all your questions and advocate on your behalf.

We’re on your side

Insurance companies are most interested in increasing their profits rather than being your ally. They’ll offer the minimum settlement acceptable, which can look like a lot of money but doesn’t fulfill all your needs. They may require you to complete a lot of paperwork, follow very strict rules and protocols, and even only use specific companies for repairs. You’ve likely undergone difficulties working with your insurance company to get the money you deserve.

Don’t sign any documents until contacting a law professional. Your lawyer is completely on your side and looking out for your best interests. We want to defend your rights and get you a fair settlement based on what you’ve experienced. We’re able to search through all the documents and paperwork and find parties that aren’t working as fast or as justly as possible. We advocate for you and your rights every step of the way.

We speed up the process

After you’re in an accident, contact your lawyer at the same time you contact your insurance. Accidents can create large bills from medical costs to car repairs that need to be addressed immediately before your monthly budget is sidetracked. Your insurance company likely won’t act any faster to settle claims because of your personal situation. They have their own protocol to follow that dictates a lengthy process of pushing paperwork and approvals.

Your lawyer is a person just like you who wants to settle your accident as fast as possible. They have the experience and expertise to speed up the process and find issues in any paperwork or documentation that could waive certain legal rights. Your personal injury lawyer in Delaware County, PA will speak up on your behalf for faster settlements and satisfactory resolutions.

We provide expert, experienced advice

Your lawyer serves to answer all your questions and clear up any confusion in the complicated claim process. Accidents are tremendously chaotic and often require you to make serious decisions that have a lasting impact on your life. The chaos of the situation can lead to signing documents that result in smaller settlements. Lawyers read through all documents and advocate for you and your rights.

We’ll advise you on how to proceed every step of the way, from the accident itself to receiving the settlement. We’ll use the information you gave to the police and insurance company to determine what you deserve and negotiate with other parties including your insurance and the other party’s provider to find the best compensation for you.

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