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There are many different situations that can lead someone to hire a rideshare lawyer and file a claim against a ride share driver or ride share company. When rideshare accidents happen, you need to speak with a ridesharing accident lawyer, or you won’t know what your rights are. For instance, you could be driving your own vehicle and become involved in an accident with a ride share driver. You could also be a ride share passenger whose driver was involved in an accident during your trip. You could be traveling by bike or by foot in Philadelphia and become injured by a ride share driver who is driving irresponsibly. You may even be the rideshare driver, and the accident was not your fault. No matter what situation leads you to seek out an Uber accident attorney or Lyft accident lawyer, it is crucial that you get legal advice, or you will be missing out on the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

In most of the possibilities listed above, you will likely have a case against the rideshare driver who caused your injuries; however, you may not have considered that rideshare companies carry high dollar liability insurance policies for their drivers. A rideshare lawyer can inform you about specific state laws governing rideshare accidents, including the amount of insurance to cover your claim. You don’t have to speculate about whether or not you have a case; Philadelphia area residents should get in touch with the Law Offices of Robert Katz and speak to the best rideshare accident lawyers in the Philadelphia area by dialing (610) 789.3240 or by filling out our convenient online contact form.

Lyft and Uber Accident Attorneys in Delaware County, PA

If you want the best chance of receiving a settlement or verdict in your favor in a ridesharing accident, there are some steps you must take immediately after it occurs. Collecting as much evidence as possible at the scene will give your Lyft accident lawyer or Uber accident attorney the tools, they need to put together a case resulting in you receiving the maximum award.

The first step is to take a screenshot of your rideshare trip details because the original will be removed from your phone when the trip is marked complete. Record the license plate numbers of both cars and the drivers’ names. The rideshare company and driver are likely to deny the accident ever occurred, so if you can get police to come to the scene, you’ll have a police report to back you up. If you’re a Philadelphia area rideshare driver involved in an accident, the company you work for will probably deny that you were “on the clock” at the time the accident occurred. Be sure to screenshot and save your trip data. Regardless of the circumstances of your accident, only a ridesharing accident attorney can give you the advice you need to win your case.

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Rideshare Accident Lawyers Servicing Philly and Delaware County, PA

Rideshare apps have exploded in popularity over the past few years, meaning millions of people have the potential to be injured in accidents involving rideshare drivers. At Katz Injury Law, rideshare accident lawyers are waiting to represent you in your case!

While Katz Injury Law can provide you with an Uber accident lawyer or a Lyft accident lawyer, that’s not the only type of auto accident case we can assist you with. Have you been injured in an accident with another driver? A Philadelphia auto accident lawyer from our firm can help you seek damages in court. Were you injured while riding on public transportation or in an accident with a city bus? Our bus injury lawyers in Delaware County, PA can help you get the money you need to pay your medical bills and make up for lost wages. Even if you’ve been injured by a motorist while walking, a Philadelphia pedestrian accident lawyer can fight for your rights. Any time you need a personal injury lawyer in the Philadelphia, PA area, pick up the phone and dial (610) 789.3240 or fill out our simple online contact form to find out more. Whether you need a Lyft accident lawyer, an Uber accident attorney, or a lawyer for any other type of case, we’ll provide you with the best representation.

In addition to providing attorneys for automobile accidents, pedestrian or bicycle accidents, public transportation accidents or ride sharing accidents, we can also assist you with any of the following types of cases:

  • Tractor Trailer Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Slip and Fall Accidents
  • Limited Tort
  • Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Claims
  • Construction Site Injuries
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Nursing Home Neglect or Abuse Cases
  • Criminal Cases including DUI, Drug Offenses, Assault, and Theft
  • Real Estate Law
  • Disputes between Landlords and Tenants
  • DUI accident

Why choose Katz Injury Law to represent you? There are plenty of reasons. First there’s our reputation in the Philadelphia area. Whether an attorney from our firm is acting as rideshare accident lawyer or they’re working on any other type of case, they won’t stop fighting until you win. Where another ridesharing accident attorney would give up, our attorneys keep pressing on, leading to settlements and favorable verdicts.

Second, there’s our dedication to serving our clients in the Philadelphia community. We know that many people in our area don’t think they have the means to get representation from a rideshare lawyer or any other type of attorney. We do everything we can to make it simple for you to get representation, no matter what your situation may be. If you don’t have transportation, our Delaware County, PA offices are easily accessible from public transportation including SEPTA busses and trains. If you can’t find transportation or you’re too injured to come to our office, we’ll come to you! And one more thing: every rideshare lawyer at our firm works on a contingent fee basis, meaning that you don’t have to pay a dime unless you win your case. Everything – from the initial call to your day in court – will be provided free of charge if we don’t come through for you.

Third, there’s our track record. The rideshare accident lawyers at our firm have been able to obtain multiple six and seven figure awards on behalf of our clients. If you need an Uber accident lawyer or Lyft accident lawyer, know that we’ll always fight to get you the maximum compensation for your injuries, whether it’s a settlement or a decision by a judge or jury.

If you’ve been injured in an accident involving a rideshare driver, don’t wait to call an Uber accident lawyer at Katz Injury Law! Every minute you wait to get representation from an Uber accident lawyer or Lyft accident lawyer, important evidence could be disappearing forever. Rideshare accident lawyers are standing by to take your call, so dial (610) 789.3240 or fill out our online contact form to learn more about your case today.