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Hundreds of thousands of people use Philadelphia public transportation every day, whether they choose to ride on busses, trolleys, or trains. Most of the time, your ride goes smoothly but what do you do when it doesn’t? An accident on public transportation may be more likely than you think. Many injuries can happen on public transportation including trip and falls, jerk and jolts, bus crashes, trolley crashes, or train crashes and if you don’t hire a bus accident attorney, you could be forfeiting important rights designed to protect you. If you’re injured on public transportation, you might not be aware that you may have legal recourse, not only against the driver or drivers involved in the accident, but possibly against the municipality where the accident occurred. If you want the best chance of obtaining compensation for your injuries, you’ll need a public transportation accident lawyer to help you file a bus or trolley injury claim.

In public transportation accidents, there is usually a great deal of evidence that a bus injury attorney can obtain from video cameras on the bus, trolley, or train.  There may also be video evidence of bus accidents from cameras on the platform or the street where the accident occurred. Fellow passengers may even have video evidence that could help a bus accident lawyer formulate your case! At the Law Offices of Robert Katz, every bus injury lawyer in our employ knows how crucial it is to obtain this type of video and photographic evidence early. When you hire a bus accident attorney from our firm to file your bus injury claim, we get to work right away to get our hands on that evidence so you know what to expect in court.  Our bus accident lawyers are some of the best in the Philadelphia area, so please give us a call any time you’re injured on public transportation or you get into an auto accident with a public transportation vehicle.

The Law Offices of Robert Katz in Delaware County, PA have supplied a bus accident attorney to handle hundreds of cases involving public transportation accidents. We’ve come through for our clients in the past and we can do the same for you. If you’re looking for a bus accident lawyer, we’ve got the experience and specialized knowledge it takes to win your case. We know all the specific laws that control your ability to bring a bus injury claim and every bus injury lawyer at our firm has a reputation for being tenacious in getting you the maximum compensation you deserve. When you hire a bus accident lawyer from Katz Injury Law, you’ll quickly see that we’re not afraid to battle insurance companies, municipalities, and individuals on your behalf to help you get monetary compensation for your injuries, lost wages, pain, and suffering.  Bus accidents don’t have to affect your life forever; hiring bus accident lawyers can help you put your public transportation accident behind you and move on with your life.

Bus Injury Claims in Delaware County, PA

Robert Katz has spent over 30 years as a trusted legal counsel for residents of Philadelphia, Delaware County, PA, and the surrounding areas. He and the lawyers at his firm have served as a bus accident lawyer in hundreds of cases involving SEPTA busses and NJ Transit, so you know they’ve got the experience to argue your case effectively and obtain the maximum award for you. If you’re a Philadelphia area resident who has been injured on public transportation, don’t wait to obtain legal counsel from a bus accident lawyer and file your bus injury claim. Every second you wait to hire bus accident lawyers is another second the defense has to prepare a strategy (and potentially destroy or alter critical pieces of evidence).

Hire a public transportation accident lawyer from the Law Offices of Robert Katz today by calling (610) 789.3240 or by filling out our easy online contact form. A dedicated bus injury attorney will be happy to answer any questions you may have about bus accidents, totally free of charge.  Speak to top Philadelphia bus accident attorneys at our office or we can send someone out to meet with you! We make it simple for injured people in our area to seek out legal representation from top personal injury lawyers.

When you’re injured on public transportation, it may be difficult for you to determine how to proceed. Some of our past clients injured in bus accidents were not sure if they even had a case. They didn’t think that hiring a bus accident attorney would help them. Our top bus accident attorneys are here to tell you that it makes sense to seek legal counsel any time you’re involved in a public transportation accident. When you’re injured, it can affect your life in multiple different ways. First of all, your injuries can make it tough to get around. You may not be able to go to work or perform your activities of daily living. You could miss out on paychecks, meaning you won’t be able to pay your medical bills. Beyond that, physical and mental pain can have a detrimental effect on your life for decades to come. Talking to a bus injury lawyer can help you better understand what your rights are and what legal claims you may be able to make.

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Philadelphia Area Bus Accident Lawyer

While the bus accident attorneys at our firm would appreciate the opportunity to represent you in court as your bus accident lawyer, that’s not the only type of case we can assist you with. In addition to being a bus accident lawyer for hundreds of clients, we’ve also represented clients in thousands of other personal injury cases.

If you’ve been hurt in an accident with an 18 wheeler, we can connect you with a truck accident lawyer serving Philadelphia area clients. What about accidents that happen while you’re being driven by a ride share app driver? An Uber & Lyft accident attorney serving Philadelphia from our firm can help you find out what your legal rights are and file a claim on your behalf. Motorcycle riders also need representation when they’re involved in accidents, and there are many special circumstances that need to be considered in these types of cases. A motorcycle accident lawyer serving Philadelphia and area residents from Katz Injury Law knows exactly how motorcycle accident cases work, and how to get you the maximum award for you injuries.

You may even have the right to sue in an auto accident even if you weren’t driving! Pedestrian-involved accidents occur all the time in Philadelphia and Delaware County, and when they do, victims may have special rights they can exercise to get a larger cash award. A pedestrian accident attorney representing clients from Philadelphia can determine the best way to proceed with your case, and also can determine whether or not you can seek additional damages from the municipality where the accident happened. Cyclists are another group of people who must often share the road with aggressive or reckless drivers. Injuries sustained in a collision between a cyclist and a motor vehicle can be extensive, so don’t throw away your rights. Hire a bicycle accident attorney who represents riders in Philadelphia; hire Robert Katz to represent you.

No matter what type of case you’re trying to bring, Katz Injury Law in Delaware County, PA is the local firm that Philadelphia area residents trust to represent them in legal matters. Whether you need a bus injury lawyer or a lawyer to represent you in any other type of case, we can give you the advice you need and we don’t get paid until you win. Don’t go up against bus drivers and municipalities without the advice of a dedicated bus accident lawyer; if you do, you’re giving up important rights! With a bus accident attorney fighting for you, you’re much more likely to receive a settlement or favorable verdict.

Any time you need a bus accident lawyer or a personal injury lawyer in Delaware County, PA, pick up the phone and dial (610) 789.3240 or fill out our online contact form to speak to an attorney today.