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There are many types of slip and fall (also known as trip and fall) accidents, and they can all cause serious injuries that need medical attention or may require the injured person to take time off work. Concussions, broken bones, muscle injuries, and back injuries can all happen in a fall, and they could mean you’ll be out of commission for days, weeks, months, or longer.  Without hiring slip and fall attorneys, you could be on the hook for all of these expenses.

When you’re injured in a slip and fall or trip and fall accident, it’s important that you retain the services of a slip and fall injury attorney from Katz Injury Law; otherwise you could be forfeiting your legal rights! Philadelphia area residents can call (610) 789.3240 or fill out our convenient online contact form to schedule a free consultation with a slip and fall lawyer serving the Philadelphia area now.  Our slip and fall lawyers can give you the legal advice you need to get a settlement of favorable verdict in your case.

There are so many different scenarios that can lead to a slip and fall accident.  Each one is different, and each one can present different legal avenues for you to pursue monetary compensation in case of an injurySlip and fall attorneys can advise you on the best way to bring a lawsuit against a business owner, corporation, homeowner, or municipality so you can receive money damages for your injuries.  When you have medical bills piling up, you have missed a significant amount of time at work, and you are forced to live with the scars (physical and emotional) of a traumatic accident, that money can bring some small amount of relief. No matter what the circumstances of your slip and fall accident, our attorneys can tell you if you have a strong case and help you decide what your next move will be.

In those cold Philadelphia winter months, slip and fall accidents on ice or snow are common. Negligent homeowners who don’t shovel or salt their sidewalks put everyone at risk. Even in the summer, a broken section of sidewalk could be a tripping hazard. Dirt or liquid spilled on the ground in a store is another common cause of slip and falls. If you have fallen and hurt yourself in any of these situations, the slip and fall lawyers at Katz Injury Law can help you identify the responsible parties and pursue a legal action against them.

In other cases, people may fall on steps or ramps because they’re not built or maintained properly.  Unstable stairs or handrails can easily result in a slip and fall injury that affects you for years to come. Don’t let the owners of poorly maintained stairs get away with being negligent; hire out Philadelphia area slip and fall attorneys so you can bring a lawsuit against them. No matter what the cause of your slip and fall injury, you may have the right to sue the owner of the property or store where you were injured but you can’t be sure unless you speak to a slip and fall injury lawyer. Only a qualified slip and fall lawyer serving Philadelphia residents can make this determination and advise you on all the steps you’ll need to take moving forward.

In slip and fall cases, victims are often too embarrassed to call a slip and fall lawyer or bring a lawsuit. They may feel silly hiring a slip and fall injury attorney because they fell down in a public place, or they may be wary of the stigma associated with those who have hired slip and fall lawyers and brought frivolous lawsuits in the past. Don’t throw away your right to hire a slip and fall lawyer because you’re embarrassed or because you think others will judge you! If you’re a Philadelphia or area resident who has been injured in a slip and fall accident, you need a competent slip and fall attorney. You may have medical bills to cover, or you may have to miss some time at work while you recover, and only a slip and fall lawyer can help you get compensation for those hardships. Limited mobility impacts your quality of life, and lingering pain can force you to face the consequences of your accident for years to come. Keep that in mind if you had a slip and fall accident and be sure to hire a slip and fall injury lawyer. Don’t be the person who gets up and leaves in shame without making a complaint and getting some pictures of the accident site. Always hire a slip and fall attorney any time you’re injured in a slip and fall accident!

At the Law Offices of Robert Katz in Delaware County, PA, our slip and fall attorneys have seen it all in our more than three decades of representing Philadelphia area residents in slip and fall cases. When you hire a slip and fall lawyer from our firm, we won’t judge you; our only goal is to help you get the money you deserve for your injuries. Your slip and fall attorney will fight hard for you to gain a settlement or convince a judge or jury to rule in your favor.

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Slip and Fall Lawyers in Delaware County, PA

In slip and fall or trip and fall cases, the most important thing for a slip and fall injury lawyer to establish is that the owner or operator of the property where you were injured was negligent in their duty to maintain a safe environment in areas reasonably expected to be used by others. At a store or other location open to the public, property owners or operators are expected to keep all areas accessible to the public and to employees free of liquids, oils, dirt, or debris that could cause someone to trip or slip. If boxes are left in the aisles, or spills are not promptly cleaned up, the store could be liable to compensate you for your injuries.  The Philadelphia area slip and fall lawyers at Katz Injury Law can help you stand up to negligent store owners.

Private property owners are not immune to liability in slip and fall or trip and fall cases, either. Common areas on private property like sidewalks, steps, and porches are often used by others, and it’s the property owner’s responsibility to maintain them so that no one gets injured. In the winter that means shoveling snow in a reasonable amount of time (usually dictated by local regulations) and keeping walkways free of ice. All year around, that means ensuring your sidewalks aren’t cracked, that walkways are clear, that front steps are sturdy, and that porches are safe for postal workers, delivery drivers, and other guests to walk on. Common areas must be kept clear of branches, leaves, or other debris that could cause someone to slip and fall. If a homeowner was negligent in any of these duties, a slip and fall attorney may be able to help you recover money damages to pay for your medical bills, lost wages, or pain and suffering.  Just because you were on private property doesn’t make your injuries any less serious.  The team of top lawyers at Katz Injury Law can help you get compensated for your accident.

Protecting Those Injured in Slip & Fall Accidents

Any time you slip, trip, or fall on someone else’s property, it’s a good idea to speak to a slip and fall lawyer to determine your rights. Whether you were injured in a public place or on private property, only a qualified slip and fall attorney can give you proper legal advice about your case. Small details about your accident can affect your ability to sue and our slip and fall lawyers can help you identify them. Don’t make the mistake of trying to figure these things out on your own; contact a slip and fall injury attorney from the Law Offices of Robert Katz today!

Of course, slip and falls aren’t the only type of case we handle. In addition to providing a slip and fall lawyer to hundreds of Philadelphia area residents, Robert Katz and his attorneys have litigated a wide variety of cases from their Delaware County, PA offices. Are you looking for a car accident lawyer serving the Philadelphia area? Call Robert Katz in Delaware County, PA right away! What about a Philadelphia area motorcycle accident lawyer? We can help you with that type of case as well. We can even help you if you’ve been injured while walking in the Philadelphia area! Call us about any pedestrian accidents in Philadelphia or anywhere else in the area. As a personal injury lawyer in Delaware County, PA for over 30 years, Robert Katz can also represent you as a bus accident attorney in Delaware County, PA.

Why seek out the legal advice of Robert Katz or one of his attorneys?  There are plenty of reasons.  First, our lawyers have a proven track record of getting the maximum cash awards for our Philadelphia area clients.  Second, we make it simple for local residents to seek out the advice of the top lawyers in the area.  Can’t make it into our office?  We’ll send someone out to meet you. Finally, there’s our reputation for being aggressive and tenacious in our pursuit of compensation for you.

Robert Katz and the attorneys at his firm have successfully brought slip and fall lawsuits in the past and now they want to help you with your case. Philadelphia area residents can contact an experienced slip and fall lawyer at Katz Injury Law by dialing (610) 789.3240 or by filling out the convenient online contact form right here on our site. When you call us or send us questions online, a slip and fall attorney will answer them totally free of charge. That’s right; every slip and fall injury lawyer at our firm operates on a contingent fee basis, meaning you won’t be charged a dime unless we win a settlement or verdict in your favor. When you hire us to represent you in your slip and fall case, a slip and fall injury attorney will review any documentation or evidence you have and formulate a plan for the best way to proceed. The dedication and drive of every slip and fall lawyer at our firm is your best chance of receiving money damages, whether through a settlement or an award by a judge or jury. The mission of our slip and fall attorneys is to get you the maximum compensation for your injuries!