Who Will Be Held Responsible In A Truck Accident

Protect yourself from unjust liability right after an accident with a commercial truck or trailer in the surrounding Philadelphia area. Determining liability for Pennsylvania trucking accidents is a major concern due to the large injuries and property damage these accidents can cause.

It is critical that the right party is held responsible for the accident. Unfortunately, the truck drivers will almost always deny fault no matter what actually caused the accident. Don’t fear, with a proper defense you will not be unfairly held accountable for a truck accident.

Complications of Truck Accident Liability

It is not always easy to determine who should be held responsible for a truck accident near Philadelphia. For one, many truck accidents involve multiples companies or agencies. Some drivers may be hired by the company, or drive as an independent contractor unaffiliated with an agency. All of these complexities make it difficult to determine the responsible party and who must pay for any required compensation.

Potentially Responsible Parties

There are many different parties that could be at fault for a trucking accident. If a default with the truck leads to the accident, then the manufacturer could be responsible. Other potentially responsible parties include:

  • The truck driver. If the truck driver broke the law, was distracted, was under the influence, or made other actions that would increase the likelihood of an accident, he or she may be held liable.
  • The trucking company. Most often, the trucking company that hired the driver is actually responsible. However, this is hard to prove without an expert lawyer. The reasons that make the trucking company at fault include improper inspection, failure to meet safety regulations, and/or unreasonable expectations for the driver.
  • The truck owner. In the event that the trucking company uses a truck from another owner that is liable for inspection and internal workings.

It Takes an Expert to Determine Liability As the victim of a trucking accident in Pennsylvania, you definitely want the correct party held responsible. However, determining this on your own is very challenging. If you are looking for a truck accident lawyer serving Philadelphia, it is best to work with experts who have extensive experience handling these types of cases. As some of the best accident lawyers representing Philadelphia, we can assist you with your claim, thoroughly investigate, and gather proof to determine who is the responsible party. Hire your Katz Philadelphia area truck accident attorney today by contacting us.

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