When You’ve Been Injured, Consult With a Personal Injury Attorney Before You Sign Away Your Rights

You are entitled to compensation if you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence. The negligent party or their insurance company should give you financial compensation. Unfortunately, most people usually sign away their rights before consulting with an attorney. This causes a lot of people getting way less than what they deserve. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, we suggest finding the best injury lawyer serving Philadelphia instead of trying to handle the case yourself. Here are some of the reasons why you should consult a lawyer.

Insurance Companies Are Not Concerned About Your Interests

As much as there are laws that dictate how an insurance company operates, one cannot really control the motive. These companies are in business and will put their interests above yours. Furthermore, they have lawyers who handle such cases daily to ensure the company does not lose a lot of money. If an insurance company approaches you with an offer, let a lawyer go through it before you accept it. They will analyze the offer and see if it is fair depending on your injuries.

Reaching Settlement Agreements

Most personal injury cases do not go to trial unless both parties fail to come to an agreement. Instead, the two parties negotiate until they settle. Instead of trying to handle such negotiations on your own, allow Philadelphia accident lawyers to help you out. They know which tactics to use to ensure you get the best settlement depending on your case.

Your Injuries May be More Serious Than You Think

Most people who get injured assume that their claim is all about getting reimbursed for medical expenses. But beyond that, you are also entitled to compensation for intangible damages like loss of consortium and pain and suffering. When you are not experienced in matters of personal injury cases, you will think you should only be compensated for the medical expenses. Before accepting a settlement, let attorneys assess all of the damage you have suffered. They will factor in things like loss of income, lost future earnings, and loss of enjoyment of life, then advise you about how much your damages are worth.

Attorneys Are Objective and Have Legal Knowledge

When you have been involved in any type of personal injury accident, you will experience pain, anger, and sadness. But sometimes, these emotions can stop you from being objective and even cause you to sign away your rights without thinking straight. A skilled lawyer will go through your case and understand it. They will also advise and negotiate for you, ensuring you receive fair compensation.

If you have been injured because someone was negligent, consult with Katz Injury Law before signing away your rights. The earlier you can get in touch with us, the better that we collect evidence and give you legal advice. We will evaluate your case for free and advise you on the next steps. Call us today.

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