What to Do Immediately After a Car Accident

In moments of fear it’s not uncommon to make irrational decisions, especially when not already informed on the matter.  Should you ever find yourself in a car accident, here’s a list of things to keep in mind.

Don’t Leave the Scene

Never drive away after an accident.  Your ability to drive might be impaired.  Your car may have been damaged in a way that’s not very visible.  You may be in such a state of panic that you don’t notice obvious damage.  Stay where you are and keep the scene protected from oncoming traffic to the best of your ability in a way that won’t cause any more harm.  Speak with someone in the other vehicle, preferably the driver if able.  You will need to exchange contact and insurance information at some point.

Call the Police

This may be your first instinct, but before making that call you’ll need to gather some information so you can inform them of the situation ahead of time.  Relay information such as where you are, the extent of the damage to all vehicles involved, and anyone in need of immediate medical attention.  Only give the facts.  Don’t offer speculation about someone else’s injuries.  If you aren’t sure about your own you can say that you don’t know; never say ‘no’ just because you don’t see an injury.  Your insurance company may require that you file a police report in the event of an accident.

Contact Your Insurance Company

You need to contact both your medical insurance and car insurance providers.  They may also want to contact anyone who was in your vehicle during the accident to get all the details on the situation from everyone involved.  Most importantly, you will need to get more information about your insurance policies and how much they will cover in terms of repair or medical bills.

See a Medical Professional

As mentioned  above, not all injuries are visible.  Some aren’t even felt right away.  In order to make sure you don’t have an invisible injury, or to treat an injury you’re certain about, see a doctor immediately.  They will be able to assess the extent of your injuries and give your medication or referrals to any specialist you may need to see, such as a physical therapist.

Contact a Lawyer

Even if there are no charges pressed it’s best you have someone available for legal advice.  They will be able to help you interpret any documents, so keep a file of everything you receive.  If you press charges or charges are pressed against you it’s best that you know your rights and have someone who is able to represent you in court. 

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