What to Do If You Suspect a Drunk Driver

Drunk drivers remain one of the greatest dangers on our country’s roadways. Every year, nearly 11,000 people are killed in accidents involving impaired drivers, which is nearly one-third of annual traffic fatalities in the United States. More than a million American drivers are arrested for driving under the influence each year.

If you’re driving and suspect a fellow motorist is under the influence, the most important thing you can do is put as much distance between your vehicle and theirs as you can. When that’s done, you should notify the police immediately and record the other driver’s license plate number if you can do so safely.

Whatever you do, avoid provoking the driver by speeding up or overtly following them; this could cause the other driver to behave aggressively or even crash.

If you’re involved in an accident and think alcohol might be a factor, you should avoid making your suspicions known to the other driver before the police arrive. If another driver knows you suspect they might be intoxicated, they may get defensive or even hostile. It’s best to handle the collision like any other. As soon as the collision occurs, you should:

  • Pull your vehicle to the side of the roadway if possible
  • Call the police
  • Politely exchange insurance and contact information with the other involved drivers, but don’t talk about fault
  • Ask any witnesses or bystanders to remain at the scene if they are willing
  • Wait for the police to arrive

After the accident, especially if you happen to sustain injuries, you might have to hire an attorney so that you can recuperate some of your losses. Sometimes, filing a personal injury claim and getting the help you deserve is easy.

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