What Happens When A Landlord Causes Injury

For most, renting is a reality of life. Living in a home owned by someone else offers its own unique set of benefits and disadvantages. Say, for example, that you have a landlord whose negligence results in you getting injured. What happens next? If you’ve been injured on your landlord’s property due to something they did or didn’t do, here’s what you need to know.

Am I Able to Seek Compensation for My Injury?

It’s important to remember that getting an injury on your property doesn’t automatically mean that your landlord was the one at fault. While laws will vary by state regarding what landlords are expected to do to properly care for their tenants, most require landlords to provide a habitable space for tenants and to take care of any necessary maintenance or warn tenants if there’s an underlying problem.

For example, if you were engaging in an activity that could be deemed reckless and got injured while you were doing that activity. In that case, that’s a personal choice that you can’t hold the landlord responsible for. Now, let’s imagine that you managed to fall through an old stair on a staircase that wasn’t maintained and broke your leg. In this case, your landlord should have known that they needed to properly care for their property, and their failure to do so cost you in the form of pain, medical bills, an inability to work, and so on.

When a landlord either does something or fails to do something that they’re expected to do as a property owner renting out their home or any other property, you can seek compensation.

What If It Happens to a Guest?

If you had a guest over who ended up injuring themselves on your property due to something that your landlord should have addressed or fixed improperly, you might be wondering, is my guest able to seek compensation for the injuries they experienced while they were over? They absolutely can. Even though your landlord is not their landlord, the landlord is still responsible for any injuries caused on their property due to negligence, much like a grocery store would be responsible for injuries caused by negligence. As long as you’re able to prove this is the reason, they can file a personal injury claim to make sure that their medical bills and beyond are paid for.

Is It Difficult to Pursue These Types of Claims?

You might be wondering about the likelihood that you get the compensation that you’re asking for. As with any personal injury case, it depends entirely on the evidence that you have surrounding your landlord’s alleged negligence. Say, for example, that you were injured due to something that you’ve been asking your landlord to fix for months by this point. If you’ve established a paper trail and have all the hard evidence you need to prove that you’ve been asking and the landlord never took any action to address the issue, you likely have everything you need to prevail in a court of law. If you don’t have much evidence or if the reason for your injury might not easily be attributed to landlord negligence, it could be harder to get the compensation you deserve. In any case, this is why it’s important to have the best possible legal support by your side.

Get the Compensation You Deserve With Katz Injury Law

If you’re looking for a personal injury lawyer in Delaware County, PA, who can help you file a claim against your landlord for negligence, the attorneys at Katz Injury Law are here to help you navigate the next steps in your fight for proper compensation. Contact us today so we can learn more about your case and how best to support you.

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