What Are The Types of Damages In Personal Injury Cases?

personal injuryRecovering financial damages for injuries following an accident can be a difficult and lengthy process. Negligent actors and their insurance providers often deny responsibility at first, but the facts of the claim will eventually make it obvious there is compensation owed. And even then, the process is still a challenge when all aspects of personal injury law are applied. Understanding what can and cannot be recovered is important when attempting to handle all claims, and often the case has more financial value then the claimant realizes. Adding to this, you only have one opportunity for financial recovery which must be filed within a specific time limit, it becomes clear that having experienced legal counsel like Katz Injury Law is the best choice for an equitable financial resolution for injuries and damages.

Medical Bills

The first element of a personal injury claim is recovery for medical bills caused by the accident. The monetary damage that is recoverable is from injuries directly attributed to the accident, but a second injury to a previous or pre-existing condition can still be made the basis of recovery. All injuries must be supported by medical diagnosis and prognosis reports from a medical professional and include follow up rehab as directed and necessary.

Lost Wages

Lost wages often are recoverable to those who have been injured in an accident. For those who are employed and unable to work, it is important to assemble all tax and wage documentation proving the loss and to calculate the total amount of lost wages. This can be a very important component of any injury claim, but the burden is on the plaintiff to prove the wage claim to win the award in court.

General Damages

Out-Of-Pocket losses that can be quantified in specific dollars with supporting documentation are called compensatory or special damages in legal terms, but general non-economic damages called pain and suffering are available in all cases when the injury has an impact on the life of the victim. pain-and-suffering damages can be large and always applies in serious injury cases. Damages are difficult to calculate and having an experienced personal injury lawyer in Delaware County, PA or Philadelphia can be a real advantage in this important element of a claim. The damage component of a claim is what the insurance companies fight to defend against the hardest.

Punitive Damages

While the standard claim will only include general damage items, obtaining punitive damages are a possibility in egregious cases of negligence. Examples of when punitive damages could apply to include being injured in an accident with a drunk driver or involved in a trucking accident when certain highway citations or Statutory violations exist.

Never attempt handling your own accident injury claim personally. All defendants will have insurance companies and they hire experienced legal counsel.  You will also need representation for maximum damage awards and settlements. Pennsylvania residents should always call Katz Injury Law for comprehensive representation.

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