Top Winter Hazards That Lead To Charges

While it’s hard enough for you to endure cold winter days and nights under normal circumstances, it becomes more difficult when you are injured due to another person’s negligence. Here at Katz Injury Law, we see this happen every year to people of all ages. From small children to the elderly, we deal with situations each winter where accident victims suffer from medical bills, lost wages, and cope with their pain and financial burdens. As to the top winter hazards that lead to charges and lawsuits, here are a few we encounter year after year.

Slip and Fall Accidents

When winter arrives, you are always having to step gingerly through parking lots and while walking up or downstairs. Unfortunately, we work with accident victims each winter who suffer broken bones, head and neck injuries, back injuries, and more due to the negligence of others. From icy parking lots and stairs to store aisles that have not been properly dried by employees after the snow has been tracked in by customers, you will always need the best slip and fall lawyers serving Philadelphia to ensure you win your case and get the compensation you need and deserve.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Unfortunately, slick roads and drivers who are not paying attention while behind the wheel mean we at Katz Injury Law always see an uptick in the number of personal injury victims needing our services each winter. Even when road conditions warrant that drivers put down their cellphones, drive at or below posted speed limits, and turn on their headlights to make themselves more visible to other drivers, we find negligence on the road doesn’t stop with cold temperatures. Should you be involved in an auto accident during the winter, it is almost always more serious and leads to severe injuries that will impact your daily quality of life. When you need Delaware County personal injury lawyers who will fight hard to gather evidence, hold drivers accountable for their actions, and make sure insurance companies pay you the compensation that is fair and reasonable, contact us here at Katz Injury Law.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

To keep you and your family warm in the winter, you probably rely on a furnace. When you have your heating system serviced by technicians, you assume they know what they are doing. However, we find that is not always the case. Whether it’s a technician who is new on the job, does not possess proper levels of training, or perhaps a negligent landlord, mistakes in these instances put you and your family at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. When this happens, we go to work for you examining the details, speaking to expert witnesses who may testify on your behalf, and much more.

Should you now find yourself facing injuries that would have been preventable had others not been negligent in one way or another, schedule a consultation with us here at Katz Injury Law to discuss your case in more detail.

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