Personal Injury Caused by a Group

Most personal injury cases are caused by either an individual or a company. However, there are quite a few personal injury cases that are caused by a group as well. Whenever a personal injury case is caused by a group, it is important to get the best possible representation. For residents located in Pennsylvania, they can receive assistance from a personal injury lawyer in Delaware County, PA if they are ever involved in an accident and are seeking compensation. With the assistance provided by an accident lawyer serving Philadelphia, residents who have been injured will be able to work with a professional that will help them get a favorable settlement.

Initial Consultation

The first step in the process of handling a personal injury case caused by a group is to get an initial consultation. A personal injury attorney will agree to meet with you and talk about the circumstances. They will look to find out when you got injured, the severity of your injuries, how it is affecting your everyday life, and also which particular group caused the injury. Once this information is provided, the attorney will then give you advice on how to proceed in the process. In most cases, a personal injury lawyer will look to contact the group and propose a settlement out of court. This is usually as far as most cases go. However, further action may be necessary depending on the defendant’s response.

Filing of Forms

Once you complete the consultation with a personal injury attorney, the next step is to file the necessary forms. A personal injury attorney will assemble legal documents to present to both the court and the defendant. During this process, your lawyer will draft both a letter and a packet of legal forms which will state the circumstances of your injury and a request for a settlement with compensation for damages. A lawyer will then wait for a response from the defendant and then proceed once the response is provided.

Attempt to Settle Out of Court

Since both the defendant and your lawyer prefer not to take this case to trial, both parties will look to come up with a settlement without having to do to court. Your personal injury lawyer will look to meet with the defendant and complete an agreement for compensation. In most cases, the defendant will propose a settlement amount and then your lawyer will tell you about the offer, and then it is up to you to decide to accept or reject it. If you accept, then the case is over and you receive your compensation within a few weeks.

The Outcome of the Case

At times, a personal injury case may go to court to resolve the issue. When the case goes to trial, your lawyer will represent you in court and argue on your behalf. Your lawyer will attempt to tell the jury that you were injured due to negligence by the group and that you deserve fair compensation to help you while your recover.

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