Pennsylvania Injury 101: What Is Limited Tort?

Driving an automobile is a tremendous responsibility. Even the most careful motorists might experience an accident during their driving careers.

In recognition of this fact, State of Pennsylvania officials mandate that you invest in insurance coverage to cover possible expenses incurred either by yourself or others injured in such mishaps.

Tort Overview

Tort is a legal principle suggesting that individuals whose actions cause another party injury or property damage rightfully compensate said subjects. In Pennsylvania, the tort concept is applied to insurance coverage.

Definition Of Limited Tort

When purchasing auto insurance, Pennsylvania residents are afforded the option of choosing between limited and full tort.

Limited tort allows you to receive compensation for financial losses you experience resulting from the incident in question. Specific expenses might include medical costs not covered by your insurance provider, vehicle repairs, and lost work time.

Unlike full tort, however, when investing in a limited tort policy, you forego your right to seek damages for pain and suffering when initiating a civil action in an accident’s wake.

The Reasons People Choose Limited Tort

In an appreciable number of cases, car accidents result in lasting, potentially permanent pain and suffering. With such facts in mind, you might wonder why you or anyone else should invest in limited tort.

For many, the simple answer to this inquiry is finances. Though necessary and unavoidable, auto insurance is still a pricey expenditure for many people. You might find said expense especially costly if your driving record is less than stellar and includes untoward marks, such as tickets, accidents, and previous insurance claims.

Limited tort premiums are often less than those levied for full-fort policies. In certain instances, associated savings can be significant.

Important Considerations

Numerous injury lawyers who service Philadelphia caution you to perform due diligence and make sure you fully understand what the true definition of limited tort is. Said legal professionals often recall occasions where past clients have invested in such a policy without comprehending the fine print.

Lo and behold, many of these individuals were subsequently involved in an accident and shocked to learn the reality of their circumstances.

Contacting Us

The Katz Personal Injury wants you to avoid ending up facing these potentially deleterious events. Before investing in an auto insurance policy, you are firmly urged to speak with an experienced insurance representative or attorney possessing superior knowledge of limited tort and can explain the associated provisions in terms that are easy to understand.

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