How To Get A Car Accident Report In Philadelphia 

No matter how bad the damage may be, having to experience a car accident and get the essential documentation about the incident can be overwhelming. Our accident lawyers in Media, PA can assist you with getting the car accident report, ensuring it is complete so that you can move forward with your insurance claim today.

Complete the Application For the Accident Report

When the accident happens and you notify the authorities, the officers on site must generate an accident report outlining what happened and who they believe may be at fault for the accident. Since this form has a lot of detail, most officers complete them later and you must request a copy. You can complete an application for the accident report by providing information about the accident when it happened, the driver’s name, and your insurance company so that it can be located.

Mail-In the App or Visit a Precinct

You can mail in the application requesting a copy of your accident report or take the application to your local precinct to get a copy of the report. Have your wallet handy, because there is a charge of $25 for the initial report and additional fees for pictures that may have been taken. If you want copies of the pictures, you should go in person and determine what pictures you are willing to pay for.

Who Can Make This Request

Despite what many believe to be public record, accident reports are not readily available to the public and can only be requested by certain parties in order to get the document. Those who were physically involved in the accident are able to request the report, while insurance companies who are listed also have access to make that request. If you have secured legal services for your case, your lawyer is also able to make that request.

When Will the Accident Report Be Ready?

If you are not expediting your request for the accident report, you can get it two weeks after the accident happened. At that time, you can begin reaching out and making that request to get your copy so you can forward it to your insurance company.

In severe cases where death or serious injury may have happened, the accident reports could be expedited to use in court and with insurance companies.

Let Your Lawyer Take Care of This Task

No matter how you choose to request your accident report copy, it will always be high stress. If you have decided to secure a legal team for your defense based on the injuries you experienced, then you should really let your lawyer get this ancient report for you. Let the leading car accident lawyer serving Northeast Philadelphia review your case today. Contact us at Katz Injury Law today for your free consultation.

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