How To File For Workman’s Compensation

You are entitled to workmen’s compensation benefits if you are injured on the job. Workman’s compensation protects you by covering your medical treatment and rehabilitation. It’s encouraged that you contact an injury lawyer as soon as possible. You’ll have to file a workman’s comp claim to receive the benefits that you are entitled to. Here’s a guide through the process of completing your claim.

Workman’s Comp Form

If you sustain an injury on the job, you should receive urgent medical attention. Once your injury has been diagnosed, and you are in stable condition, your employer should give you a workman’s comp claim form. Once you fill out the form, you have officially filed for workman’s compensation benefits. You have the option to hire an injury lawyer to make sure that you receive all the benefits that you are entitled to.

Submitting The Claim Form

Once you have filled out the Workman’s comp form, you’re ready to have your insurance company process it. The best injury lawyer serving Philadelphia will notify you about important Workman’s comp laws related to your state. Each state has unique laws regarding filing a Workman’s comp claim. In many states, injured employees must file their claim within two weeks of their accident.

Important Information

Once you start filling out your Workman’s comp form, you’ll need multiple types of information to help fill it out. In addition to your policy number, you’ll also need to add personal information such as the number of years you have been employed at the company and your current wages. Your claim form should also include information about

  • At the time of the incident
  • The person who reported the incident
  • The type of injury you sustained
  • Cause of the incident
  • Relevant witness information
  • The number of days you are projected to miss from work

Potential Qualifications

If you are unsure whether you qualify for workman’s comp benefits, it’s important to contact an injury lawyer, so they can assist you. You are entitled to benefits if you develop an illness on the job or if your injuries are a result of repetitive stress or a heavy workload on the job.

Your employer may offer accommodations to help you return to work. If you sustained a serious injury, your employer may recommend some changes to help you adjust to your current physical condition. It’s possible that you’ll be assigned a new role when you head back to work.

Contact Katz Injury Law

Applying for a workman’s compensation can be a complicated process. There’s even a chance your claim may be denied initially. That’s why working with an experienced attorney is so important. Katz Injury Law can help you receive the benefits that you deserve. Contact us today!

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