Everything You Need To Know About PA Motorcycle Accidents

Pennsylvania has many beautiful routes perfect for hitting the open road and enjoying life riding your motorcycle. Though there are many benefits to riding a motorcycle, like driving a car, it is essential to understand the laws surrounding motorcycle accidents in Pennsylvania. Knowing these laws helps protect you as a motorcyclist and prepares you for what to expect if you are involved in a motorcycle accident.

Pennsylvania is among the top 10 states for motorcycle accidents, resulting in thousands of yearly injuries. Continue reading to learn more about the various motorcycle accident laws, and if you still have questions, contact a personal injury lawyer serving Philadelphia, PA.

Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents

In most situations, motorcycle accidents result from driver error, including violating the motorcycle’s right of way. Often, at-fault drivers claim they did not see the motorcycle after the accident. Other causes of motorcycle accidents may include speeding, door accidents, following too closely, running a red light, drunk driving, and improper lane changes.

Filing A Motorcycle Accident Claim

Once the accident occurs, a clock begins ticking. According to Pennsylvania’s statute of limitations, motorcyclists have two years to file a personal injury claim against the at-fault driver. However, if the accident caused a death, you have two years to file a wrongful death lawsuit from the date of your loved one’s death.

The Burden Of Proof

The burden of proof for motorcycle accidents and personal injury cases falls on the injured person. They must prove you were negligent and liable for the accident. There must be evidence that the at-fault driver acted carelessly and had no regard for the safety of other drivers.

Accident Caused By Hazardous Road Conditions

Sometimes, motorcycle accidents result from other causes besides a negligent or reckless driver. Several accidents are caused by poor road conditions, which can make driving a motorcycle dangerous. Roads must be maintained and meet specific safety standards. If you crashed on your motorcycle because of a pothole or other poor road conditions, you may have the right to file a motor vehicle injury claim. This type of claim holds the municipality responsible for your accident and injuries.

Steps To Take After The Accident

You should do several things to ensure you have everything needed in case you file an accident-related personal injury case against the negligent driver. First, determine if everyone, including yourself, is okay and you are away from dangerous situations. Next, call 911 to speak with a dispatcher to report the accident and request medical assistance to have everyone medically checked out.

If you are not injured, exchange all relevant contact and insurance information with everyone involved in the accident. Then, take photos of the accident, including license plates, damage, and road conditions. If you are injured and require immediate transport to a medical facility, this information should be collected by the responding police officer, who will add it to the accident report.

You should also see a medical professional after an accident, even if you are not injured at the scene. Some injury effects do not appear until a day or two after the accident.

Finally, log your symptoms, how you feel, medical expenses, travel logs to medical appointments, and other economic losses.

Find A Personal Injury Lawyer Who Can Help

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, it is always best to learn about your options from a Philadelphia motorcycle accident attorney. Our attorneys at Katz Injury Law are here to answer your questions and help you with your personal injury case during the aftermath of your motorcycle accident.

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