Dog Bite Injuries: Who’s Responsible?

Dogs are widely regarded as loyal and loving companions. However, we should always remember that they have a vicious side too. While walking around your neighborhood, you may be attacked by a dog out of the blue and suffer severe injuries as a result. Secure the compensation you deserve following that attack by enlisting the aid of a personal injury lawyer.

When Is the Dog Owner Responsible for Their Pet’s Behavior?

When it comes to typical dog bite cases, the owner of the vicious animal often has to answer for the pet’s actions. In Pennsylvania, the plaintiff in a dog bite case can secure compensation from the pet owner in two ways.

First, a plaintiff can recoup compensation from the dog owner by leaning on the strict liability rule. Due to strict liability, a pet owner cannot escape responsibility for the harm their dog caused.

It doesn’t matter if the dog owner did everything right to prevent the incident because they can still be ordered to pay for the plaintiff’s injuries. Dog owners are also not allowed to use their pet’s record to escape their financial obligations to the plaintiff. They must pay for the plaintiff’s medical expenses even if their dog had no prior history of being dangerous or aggressive.

Crucially, dog owners may only be ordered to cover the plaintiff’s medical expenses due to strict liability. Strict liability cannot force a dog owner to cover property damage, lost wages, or pain and suffering.

If you want the dog owner to cover those other damages, you must sue them for negligence. Prove to the court that the dog owner failed to take control of their pet. You should also provide evidence showing that the dog owner knew about their pet’s violent tendencies.

Clearly demonstrating to the court that the dog owner was negligent will allow you to receive larger compensation. Hire a personal injury lawyer serving Philadelphia, PA if you want to sue for negligence following the dog bite incident.

Can a Dog Bite Victim Be Blamed for the Incident?

We’ve detailed how dog owners may be held responsible for the actions of their pets. But are there situations wherein the victim could receive blame?

The dog owner could push blame towards the victim by saying they provoked their dog. For example, provocation could come in the form of the plaintiff teasing the dog. The dog owner can also say the plaintiff’s violent actions provoked their pet.

Plaintiffs may also lose the ability to recoup compensation if they were committing a crime when the dog attacked them. A notable example of this could involve the plaintiff trespassing on the dog owner’s property. The dog owner can argue that their pet only attacked because they saw a potential threat.

Don’t allow the dog owner to control the narrative of your case using made-up stories. Work with a lawyer and prove that you should bear no blame for the attack.

Recoup the Compensation You Deserve with the Help of a Dog Bite Lawyer

The dog bite owner should take responsibility for the harm their pet caused. Hold them accountable for what happened with the help of your personal injury lawyer.

Are you looking for dependable personal injury lawyers in Philadelphia? If so, we at Katz Injury Law would like to offer our services. Reach out to us today, and let’s start building your dog bite case.

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