Did You Just Experience an Injury?

Whether you were injured at work or elsewhere, it’s important to take the right steps following an injury. In many injury cases, it may be possible to earn compensation for your hospital bill and the trauma you experienced. However, it’s essential that you follow these steps immediately after suffering an injury.

1. Go to the Hospital

Even if you don’t feel as though you need a doctor, you should still go to the hospital. You’ll be up against insurance companies in the courtroom. They can argue that your injury wasn’t severe enough to warrant a lawsuit if you didn’t go to the hospital for treatment.

It’s also important to see a doctor because some injuries take some time to make themselves known. You may not realize that you have internal bleeding until it’s too late, for example. 

2. Hire Our Law Team

The next call that you should make is to our law firm. Katz Injury Law specializes in injury cases. We have experience in fighting for those who received an injury at work or elsewhere. We know the strategies that insurance companies will stoop to in order to protect themselves.

You need the very best to ensure that you receive the justice that you deserve. We can help you achieve that justice.

3. Save Medical Documentation

You’ll receive paperwork from your doctor that details your injury, the treatment they gave you, and the instructions for any medications or physical therapy that the doctor gave you. All of this documentation should be saved. You may also want to make copies of them. These documents are essential to your case. They prove to the court that the injury took place and that you received medical attention for it.

4. Perform Treatment Procedures as Recommended

It’s also important that you follow your doctor’s orders to the final detail. If you’ve been ordered to go to physical therapy, then attend the sessions. If you have to take certain medications throughout the day, then take them. Not following your doctor’s orders can hurt you in your court case. Insurance companies can argue that your injury wasn’t that terrible if you don’t need to follow the treatments that the doctor prescribed. 

Contact Our Legal Team

The most important step to take following an injury is hiring one of the best injury lawyers representing Philadelphia. Katz Injury Law should be that law firm. We have extensive experience handling injury cases. Don’t face the insurance companies on your own or with an inexperienced firm. Many insurance companies hire the best lawyers that they can. By choosing our firm, you’ll have access to the very best lawyers in injury law. Contact us today to start receiving justice.

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