Common Slip and Fall Injuries In the Winter

The winter season is fast approaching and bringing with it harsh winds and icy sidewalks. Running shopping errands and getting to work every day can become much more dangerous when the sidewalks aren’t cleared off and ice has formed. Many older adults are worried about slip and fall injuries, and it’s important to know what could happen and who should pay the medical bills.

Many serious injuries can result from a slip and fall accident while out and about. Millions of hospital visits a year are caused by falls. Some slips can result in minor injuries like cuts and bruises or even sprained ankles. Dislocated shoulders and knee damage are also common and often typically require hospital visits to heal.

While many slips and falls can result in minor injuries, there’s always the chance a fall could have a greater impact on your life. Slips and falls have caused unfortunate people spinal damage, broken bones, and even lasting brain trauma and injury. Trying to go about your regular errands or trips to the store can ultimately result in an injury that could potentially never go away and have a permanent effect on the quality of life. It’s essential to be safe and prepared during the winter and hold the right people accountable.

Business owners must keep their property safely walkable. Slip and fall accidents can happen on sidewalks outside the front doors and also inside due to puddles or other unsafe environmental factors. All wet spots or icy patches should be marked as unsafe and if not, the owner or corporation may be liable to pay damages.

A property owner is often liable if they did nothing to correct the dangerous situation, if they caused it or if they should’ve known and should’ve taken precautionary steps. Other safety factors like how the owner attempted to fix the situation and how long the problem has existed will also be considered.
It’s important to be safe during the colder months and be prepared in case the worst happens. Contact the best slip and fall lawyers near Philadelphia today to find the representation that can help you receive the compensation you deserve in an accident. Katz Injury Law also specializes in Delaware County personal injury lawyers for all your legal needs. Feel confident that if the worst should happen, you have the best representation on your side.

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