Common Injuries You May Not Know You Have After A Car Accident

Common Injuries You May Not Know You Have After A Car Accident

Many auto accidents result in injuries that do not manifest until well after the fact. Several days can pass by the time the injured victim realizes there is some sort of problem. While many accidents do cause certain immediate injuries, there can also be unnoticed underlying medical issues that get missed on an initial evaluation. Pain often does not actually begin until the affected body part is no longer in shock or stress, and especially when the injury is internal or muscular in nature. This is largely why it is important for all individuals involved in an accident to be checked out physically even when there is no apparent injury. Insurance companies regularly point to delays in requesting treatment against the victim. This gives them a reason to deny the seriousness of an obviously covered condition. Insurance providers always want to reduce claim values and their claim exposure in addition to outright claim denial and legal responsibility. Hiring a car accident lawyer representing Philadelphia can ensure your legal rights are protected and covered. Here are the types of injuries that normally do not become apparent at the time of the accident.

Whiplash is easily the most common injury that shows up later, often one or two days after the accident. Whiplash can be very serious with long-term impact. Occurring when the head is violently thrown forward or backward with the impact, the whipping motion strains muscles and nerves that could have a dramatic effect on the ability to use extremities or move the neck. The neck region is commonly seriously injured because of the proximity to and transfer of the extreme motion and forces.

Back Injuries
Back injuries often do not exhibit until the tightened back muscles settle or calm down within a day or two. Vertebrae and surrounding tissue inflammation begins to subside and with that comes the pain from the strains and sprains. Late developing back injuries can seriously affect mobility in a variety of ways, even including the inability to sit or stand without pain. Pain is always an indication of injury even if it shows up days later.

Bruises and Internal Bleeding
Another sign of internal injury is bruises that may appear a day or two following the crash. Any type of internal injury could be a real concern because it could indicate internal bleeding in serious situations. While bruises tend to eventually clear up as the affected muscle regenerates, internal bleeding can result in death if unchecked.

These are just a few examples of the most common late-developing problems associated with car accidents, and they are proof that timely diagnosis is vital by a treatment professional following any collision. Always remember that diagnosis of all accident injuries is essential in being properly compensated. Delayed diagnosis and time can make a difference in any accident claim. Always seek medical attention following a collision and contact an auto accident attorney as soon as possible for proper compensation.

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