Can You Request Protection for a Mistreated Dog That Bit You

Can You Request Protection for a Mistreated Dog That Bit You

If you have been the victim of a dog bite, many times the owners are to blame, not the innocent dog. When an animal has been mistreated, it’s common for its behavior to become aggressive or defensive. These unfortunate animals may have developed a fear of humans or never learned appropriate social behavior due to poor training.

While it is important to seek justice with the help of a dog bite lawyer practicing in Philadelphia and Delaware County, PA regarding your case, you might be wondering what will happen to the dog involved. Is there anything you can do to protect the dog if you feel animal cruelty may have been a factor?

The Owner May Be Charged With Animal Cruelty

In Pennsylvania, animal cruelty penalties range from fines to felony offenses depending on the severity of abuse. Instances include animal neglect, mistreatment, abandonment, and excessive tethering outside. If any of these factors led to a dog acting aggressively, in most cases, the dog owner will be held liable for damages.

Many Factors Influence What Can Happen With A Dog

In Pennsylvania, there are several laws governing dog bites. Pennsylvania is not a “one-bite” state, meaning there is no “free” pass for the first bite. The dog under investigation may be classified as a dangerous animal unless the dog was being provoked, or the victim was trespassing on private property.

A dog classified as a dangerous animal will require certain safeguards to ensure another aggressive incident does not occur. These safeguards were established to protect the animal, the owner, and any potential future victims.

  • The owner must maintain liability insurance for the pet.
  • The pet must be registered as a dangerous animal.
  • A secure enclosure for the animal must be established.
  • The pet must be restrained with a muzzle and leash when outside of the enclosure or home.
  • A clearly visible warning must be displayed on the property.
  • The owner must notify local authorities within 24 hours if the pet escapes from the premises.

Discuss Your Case With a Professional

Finding a personal injury lawyer practicing in Philadelphia and Delaware County, PA is your best bet when seeking advice for your dog bite case. With so many factors to consider, wise counsel will enable you to get the medical damages you deserve while also protecting the animal involved.

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