A Guide To The Legal Ramifications Of A Car Accident 

Being in a car accident is something that you never want to have to deal with, sadly, more people than you can imagine do have to deal with the aftermath of a car accident. There are a few things that you should do immediately following a car accident, and just as many legal considerations to keep in mind. Knowing what legal ramifications might follow you can help you move forward and decide what your next steps are going to be.

What Happens Following a Car Accident

The first thing that you always need to do is make sure that everyone is safe and unharmed. If you are harmed and you have to go to the hospital, the police might come to the hospital as well to get a statement or they might ask you to come to the station when you are well enough so that they can move forward.

If you are unharmed, you do need to get a police officer to the scene so that they can then work on creating a report that can be used for both the insurance agency and for any legal proceedings that you might have following the accident. The police report is going to create an unbiased account of the accident that can then be referred to by both parties that were involved. Your next step is going to be to file with the insurance company of the responsible party and perhaps your own and decide if you want to take legal action.

A car accident lawyer serving Northeast Philadelphia can help you better understand if you have a case and if you have something that can be prosecuted. If you are uninjured and no one was killed in the accident, there may not be grounds to sue. If there was injury, there is certainly a means of suing and moving forward with the case.

When To Get a Lawyer

In most cases, you can resolve things like paying off your car or getting a new car without involving a lawyer, in other cases, you do need a Philadelphia personal injury attorney to help move the case forward. If there is personal injury above and beyond what the settlement that the insurance company offers is going to do for you, a lawyer can certainly help.

They will take a look at the supporting documents and the case as a whole and help create a case that you can then take to court. In some cases, the other insurance company will work to resolve the case before it ever goes to court, which is ideal for the client. If you do have to take it to court, you may have to testify about the accident and you may have to go to court to defend yourself and to get your settlement taken care of.

If you have an accident case that you need to get taken care of, contact us today to get your case started.

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